The Green
Zoning Houses

The first to be considered an extension
for every 5 decades

Proerty Perfect x The Treasury Department

The Treasury Department

With a permission in 2016 by the Treasury Department, we are currently undergoing the development of the Special Economic Zone in the eastern province of Trat under the Golden Gateway vision.

The initiative will run over the next 50 years and we are the first to be considered an extension for every 5 decades. A total of 2-billion-baht rental fee is expected during the first 50 years. The land use master plan is divided into 3 sections. To begin with, the green zoning houses a mangrove reservation center, a monument, a museum, a park, a water body and a government office. Secondly, the commercial zoning concerns a hospital, an international and local convention center, a community market and a recreation park. The third section is devoted to ecological industry that reinforces agricultural activities.