Two High-End Detached Houses

Joint venture development projects continue
to look at other forms of cooperation

Proerty Perfect x Hongkong Land

Project Information

Initially, we will jointly develop two high-end detached houses in Chaengwattana. And East Zone.The total value of the project is about 10,000 million baht. The goal is to cooperate in the long run.Joint venture development projects continue to look at other forms of cooperation.

Business Model

The Company has set up a joint venture company, HKL Perfect Co., Ltd.Property Perfect holds 51% and 49% is owned by Hong Kong Land.

51% Hongkong Land Holdings
49% Property Perfect

Corporate Information

Hong Kong Holding Limited is a company listed on the Stock Exchange of England. Is a leading global company.The investment, management and development of real estate. Founded in 1889, is currently a member of the group. (Jardine Matheson Group)

Hong Kong Land has invested and managed office space and commercial space in major cities throughout Hong Kong.Singapore and Beijing, covering more than 850,000 square meters.Singapore Shopping Center in Wangfujing District of Beijing And Jakarta's central office building.With an area of ​​165,000 square meters, Hong Kong is also developing quality residences. Commercial space And many other mixtape projects. Both in china And countries in Southeast Asia.