The Company sets sight to be a leading property developer that constantly satisfies customers of all ages, communities, partner, shareholders and employees, and commitment to environmental conservation and the quality of life.


  • Create and develop modern products and services at potential locations and timely and constantly respond to new living concepts.
  • Create and solidify the financial stability in response to sustainable development of the organization and stakeholders.
  • Create and improve operational excellence through a professional team and the consistant and standardized operating system.
  • Create and enhance satisfaction in products and services with the better environment and quality of life and responses to the need of clients of all ages.
  • Create and grow reputation and pride through responsible and ethical operations, in recognition of the benefits and impacts on the relevant parties.
The Company is primarily involved in developing properties. The range of products cover single houses, townhouses and condominiums. The policy is in place in the administration and contractor assignments for the construction of designed products.
To control the quality of construction works, The Company’s engineers and architects are dispatched to monitor the entire process. A subsidiary was established to provide construction services primarily to The Company and the group.
This is on top of the assignments awarded to external construction companies, to help reduce the construction cost. More subsidiaries were also established to support the development of shopping malls, office buildings, commercial areas, investment-purpose retail business, Hotel and overseas property development.
The Company’s main business goal is to deliver customers “Happy-Living” home, through ethical and responsible operations which highlight responsibility to the environment, society and shareholders.