SCG Cement-Building Materials Co., Ltd.

The company and subsidiaries work in collaboration with SCG Cement-Building Materials Co., Ltd.
to acquire quality materials as part of the construction of house, townhome and condominium
to ensure the properties are endurable, high quality and look magnificent. Leading examples include
Tiger Brand cement, CPAC tiles and COTTO sanitary wares.

We are proud to introduce the
“SCG HEIM Innovative House”
project on our plot of lands by using the
‘modular’ system that highlights
outstanding look, safety and cost-effectiveness.

The plan rests on technology in every single process,
embracing only excellent materials and
unrivalled quality inspection.

We aim to be a choice for house buyers
who are interested in innovative house. Premiumhouse market is our key target.

Active AIRflow™
Fiber optic

As for the environmental front, “Eco Cool” is a housing innovation that fosters energy and environment awareness. Eco Design is applied in the company of insulation and wood substitutes. We and SCG also offer Active AIRflow™ to lessen heat and stimulate insulation. In this, temperature remains cool and the tool helps accomplish a 16-20% drop per year in air-condition- induced energy consumption.